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Monitor Temperature and Humidity inside and outside your hive along with the weight of honey being produced and consumed.  Record hive conditions and, if you choose, add those conditions to your notes and share your experiences with fellow beekeepers.

Take the guesswork out of beekeeping.  Bee more confident about the health of your bees.


Temperature and humidity in your hives with in your apiary

Total weight of your hive including the weight of honey as it is produces and consumed


Changes in hive locations and orientation

Performance between hives

Performance from year to year


Collaborate with other beekeepers 

For the Backyard Beekeeper

A basic Bee-Certain system can give you peace of mind about the environment in your beehive.  Our unobtrusive system is invisible to your bees and does not detract from the aesthetics of your hive
Suggested Solution: Our Starter Pack will enable you to record temperature and humidity inside and outside your hive.  You can view your data on any modern web browser.

For the Student Beekeeper

Keep records of the environment inside and outside your hives.  Annotate time-history plots with your observations.  Share your experiences with fellow students.  When is the last time your Queen sent a Tweet?
Suggested Solution: Our Starter Pack will enable you to record temperature and humidity inside and outside your hive.  You may view your data on any modern web browser.  At your option, you may share information with fellow students and your instructor.

For the Instructor

Monitor the conditions in your students' hives.  Head off problems before they escalate.  If one of your students does have a problem, then you will know the environmental conditions leading up to the problem,  No more guesswork.
Suggested Solution: Our Starter Pack for one of your hives so you can answer questions from your students.

Optional: Additional Hive Monitors for additional hives.

For the Farmer

Monitor honey production in the spring,  Conserve honey consumption in the winter.  Reduce the number of times that you have to go into a hive.  Know instantly if your hives have been disrupted.
Suggested Solution: Our Starter Pack for your first hive.  One additional Hive Monitor for every five hives.

For the Commercial Beekeeper

Whether you transport your hives, or leave them in a fixed location, you can increase your productivity and decrease your potential for loss.  Our systems are fully embedded within the hive, battery operated and radio linked.  All the benefits of Production, Protection, and Conservation listed above, plus the ability to monitor your hives while they are in transit and at remote sites.
Suggested Solution: Our Transportation Pack is designed to travel with your bees.  Continuously monitor and record hive health while on the road and in the field.

For the Researcher

"Where Would You Like to Go Today", to borrow an old phrase from our friends in Washington State.  We provide weight monitoring, and environmental monitoring within the Cluster, within the Hive, and outside the Hive -- all as standard features.  And, We do it unobtrusively.  We can also provide motion sensing, Co2 monitoring, and weather monitoring.  Our integrated Lab Notebook captures human observations and links them to environmental data.
We are always interested in custom applications.  If you can measure it, we can record it.  All at a price that won't blow your budget.